“Charly’s Station” has been renovated

Charly's Station

“Charly’s Station” is brand new and Considered by many as a source of visual pollution, the bus stop “Charly’s of the railway Station to the city centre of the capital has been renovated.

The place, which was “in a deplorable state”, suffered the effects of time since its construction in 1964. Which did not prevent the Luxembourg to be sensitive to the heritage of this place, one of the hubs of public transport in Luxembourg City, avenue Émile Reuter. And for good reason, “the pavilion is one of the few witnesses and survivors of the architecture of the 1950s and 1960s,” explains the City of Luxembourg who became the owner in 2003.

The place and the bus stop of the same name, not far from the famous Villa Vauban, has been completely renovated and inaugurated this Friday. This renovation, decided on July 1, 2015, that began on October 1 last and ended on 6 June. They cost 446 000 euros. The building will house now the headquarters of the company car-Sharing in Luxembourg and a kiosk Valora Luxembourg.