Luxembourg government informs public about refugee centre

The Luxembourg government is planning to build an asylum centre in the little northern town of Marnach.

The foyer is supposed to house up to 300 asylum seekers on a temporary basis.

Infrastructure Minister François Bausch, Family Minister Corinne Cahen, Interior Minister Dan Kersch and Education Minister Claude Meisch were present in Marnach on Monday evening, November 14, to talk about the “Schwaarzenhiwwel” project and listen to citizens’ concerns.

The Ministers met a willingness to help and solidarity, mixed with some concern about the possible size of the challenge awaiting Marnach.

12,6 hectares of land that used to serve as a radio emission area for RTL is to be used to build several modules of high quality that could house up to 300 people.

This number is considered a maximum and the ministers showed their willingness to consider a lower number.

The accommodation would only occupy 2,6 hectare, the remaining 10 hectare would be declared as a “green zone”.