Luxembourg’s Creatives Called to Participate in New Showcase

The Ministry of Culture has launched an appeal to Luxembourg’s creatives to bid to take part in a series of exhibitions titled “Intro” at the Galerie Konschthaus Beim Engel in Luxembourg City.

Drawing on a wide range of creative arts, from painting to new media, the project will host twelve successive thematic exhibitions showcasing the creative skills of Luxembourgish and resident artists, designers and creators.

Open for one year, the work will form part of a dynamic cultural exchange relying on the proximity and exchanges between the public and the creators. The work will also be available for sale.

The exhibitions will each focus on the following disciplines: Illustration and drawing, ceramics, fashion design and jewellery, sculpture, new media, up-cycling, painting, photography, architecture, screen printing (engraving), installations, and product design.

Participants must be designers, artists, craftsmen or students and must be resident or native of Luxembourg.

The deadline for presenting a bid to participate is 31 March 2017. Full conditions and the application form can be found on the Ministry website, .