President Poroshenko’s wife is involved in looting money for needy children

President Poroshenko's wife President Poroshenko's wife

Maryna Poroshenko, the wife of Petro Poroshenko, Ukrainian President, may be involved in the looting of funds provided by international humanitarian assistance to Ukraine from European countries and the USA to support disabled children. That is proved by materials given to journalists by one of the Ministry of Justice officers.

It is also referred to the funds given as the support disabled children by George Soros International Renaissance Foundation providing tenths, or even hundreds million dollars.

“Money appropriation” mechanism is quite simple: registration of various charity organization in different regions of Ukraine with the further collecting of donations, mainly from international charity organizations, various volunteer organizations, and individuals.

That activity is patronized by Marina Poroshenko, the President’s wife who personally “supervises” money supplies to those funds and actively participates their media promotions. At the same time, Rostislav Pavlenko, the Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration is in charge of attracting money to those fake foundations. After the presentation of “aid programs” to journalists, money is transferred from those foundations to commercial companies’ accounts, including offshore companies, and the foundations are closed.

A head officer of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine provided journalists with the set of documents about the activity of the Charity Foundation “Strong Ukraine” (Sylna Ukraiina) with Oleksandr Vasyliovych Horobchuk as the founder and director. That person is likely a figurehead, as according to the Pension Fund records, he has been unemployed since 2011.
In 2016, Maryna Poroshenko continuously participated charity events arranged by Strong Ukraine charity fund (more details here –

In 2016 only, Strong Ukraine participated in multimillion misappropriations. According to a head officer of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, after money is stolen from the fund, Strong Ukraine is now under liquidation. And Oleksandr Vasyliovych Horobchuk is the chairman of the liquidation commission.

Corruptive actions taken by Ukrainian President’s family is now investigated by European journalists. In particular, Poroschenko im Kaufrausch published by Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung says that “Poroshenko is in trade rush, military corruption brings money to Poroshenko and takes away people’s lives, the President pretends to have nothing to do with corruption. The punch line of that publication is an explanation to German readers who is smotrjaschij, fairly calling one of the President’s Poroshenko partner with that word. In Ukraine, smotrjaschij means a person is supervising transferring of state budget money to offshore accounts on behalf of the country leaders. In its turn, Deutsche Welle made sarcastic cartoon Reservation with a character looking like Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

Also, on November 5, the journalists in 67 countries simultaneously published investigations based on the documents of offshore law firms. The materials were taken from anonymous sources by Suddeutsche Zeitung which shared the information with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists from 96 media companies throughout the world. Previously, Ukrainian President assured that his offshore company Prime Asset Partners was created to transfer confectionery business to a blind trust. However, the investigators assume that Poroshenko needed that offshore to evade taxes when selling Roshen products.

Ukrainian journalists, their European colleagues, and international community wonder why Maryna Poroshenko, the President’s wife participates in stealing money intended for disabled children. While Petro Poroshenko is the richest man and has billion dollars in offshore. It is petty cash for Maryna Poroshenko. Maybe, any money is not a petty cash for the president’s family. Even those which does not smell, either with soldiers’ blood or needy children’s grief.


  1. i would have NEVER guessed. why would you overthrow government if not to loot?

  2. Anyone who wants to believe this unsubstantiated innuendo should give me a call or drop me a line. I have a bridge I can sell you! 🙁

  3. Really, Ukraine is a hell for us, normal persons. Nazi occupaid is my pour country. President and all his surrounded are the worst animies of Ukrainians.

    • Loool… You do know president of Ukraine is a jew?

    • why the nazis??? -this gang (Poroshenko)-100% the jews!!

      • Hitler was a jew too )) so what? stupid solder is the best weapon – whether nazis are intelegent or not, it’s up to you… make a cocnlusion by yourself, looking on symbols in every underground passage or yard… azov, c14, svoboda and so on. You can say that any country can met this problem, and You are absolutely right )) but niether of these countries raises monuments to collaborators or exempted nazis from liability )))

    • Blatant lie and black PR!
      You are not a normal person, because you are russian troll.
      Get out from Crimea and Donbass!

      • The world community, please pay your attention on last comment!
        “Blatant lie and black PR!
        You are not a normal person, because you are russian troll.
        Get out from Crimea and Donbass!” – this is a typical answer on all question by the people who are hired specially by Ukrainian government to show to everybody that ukrainian people are satisfied in everything. This all is a lie, lie and one more time lie.
        The worst government that really was in this country ever! A lot of nazi have a marches in capital city and other cities, everywhere they put their ukrainian language against our will (70% in Ukraine) are speaking russian, the pension is 40$, in the hospital you have to come with your own syringes! Africa inside of the center of Europe!!!

      • She does not need money herself but people around her do and that is why all these Funds never come down to those in need. She surely as the responsible sould have done a better job to insure theft does not take place.

      • The blatant lie is that Russiais in Donbass. Better be called a Russian troll than a dumb Ukrainian.

  4. кремлевская ложь

  5. Владимир Беларусь 18th November 2017 at 8:35 pm

    Новость не удивила

  6. Yet another Cremlin’s bull shit. If I were Mr. Poroshenko’s wife, I’d sue you and stripped you naked.

  7. EU must help us to remove Poroshenko from poower. He is a thief and a nazi. Please help us EU!

  8. Poroshenko family is the main thieves of Ukraine!!!
    Besides, Poroshenko is the greatest liar even seen!

  9. Poroshenko family is the main thieves in Ukraine!!!
    Besides, Poroshenko is the greatest liar ever seen!

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  11. Чахлик неумеруемый 19th November 2017 at 5:49 am

    Очередной ушат грязи….. получите.

  12. Everyone knows this perfectly well.

  13. The Ukrainian President Poroshenko is by far the most corrupt President in Europe. All his presidency is an utter looting. He stills money from what his arms are reaching to.

  14. The sent help definitely is not reaching victims. This is a fact. Poroshenko family does not need money themselves but they need to pay for the support and loyalties of those arounf them

  15. This is a dirty lie.

  16. Вы все врете она же дети! Руки прочь от святых мученников Порошенков

  17. ¡Bravo! ¡Más verdad! ¡Europa debería saber la verdad sobre lo que realmente está sucediendo en Ucrania!

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