Luxembourg Parliament launches on Instagram


Possibly one of the last places you’d expect to find the Luxembourg Parliament is on the popular photo platform Instagram, but that exactly where you can now find the “Chambre des Députés”.

The idea of using the form of social media which relies solely on photos is to reach a young audience and inform them of what exactly is going on in parliament.

The Chamber reckons it is breaking new ground in the field of communication with Instagram and will inform young users of what politicians are up to in parliament as well as spreading the word on public meetings.

Instagram currently boasts about 400 million users. It is also available as a free app for Android and Apple devices, with its niche being just about photos.

The platform has been drawing more and more attention recently with public figures, politicians, parties and ministries.

As Instagram is photo-based, it seems a little hard to work out just how many different and imaginative photos Luxembourg parliament can take to make their account attractive. Only time will tell if it will be successful.