UFO Drive attracted two million euro from the hungry crowds

The start-up for renting electric cars in places with high potential for businessmen, UFO Drive, has completed a €2 million crowdfunding to accelerate its development, particularly in Germany.

Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Munich. After Cologne, Hamburg and Bremen, UFO Drive wants to accelerate its development in Germany in 2021. A few days after the launch of its crowdfunding in mid-January, the Luxembourg electric vehicle rental start-up had already reached 80% of its target.

It finally completed its fundraising with €2 million — a third more than it had hoped — from 977 investors.

In the context of the campaign launch, the start-up announced that it was possible to rent an electric car for a day in Berlin on Potsdamer Platz, in the covered car park Mall of Berlin: the Tesla Model 3 for €99 per day and the Model S for €149 per day, with the price including a commercial insurance and three additional drivers.

UFO Drive’s projects also include the launch of its services on the U.S. West Coast at the end of the year.

Its business model is no longer just easy renting of sports and electric models, the start-up also markets its solution to “traditional” car rental companies.