Remich duck family gets police escort

Remich police officers were in a bit of a flap after their initial attempts to transport 11 stranded ducklings back to their home failed and a police escort was provided.

A family of ducks were reported to have taken refuge in Remich’s police station courtyard where, quite literally they would become sitting ducks, if not removed and this was where the local police met their first problem.

The officers attempted to place the 11 little ducklings in a box, but mother duck wasn’t having any of it and protested loudly.

It was quickly realised that this was not going to work and the only way the family flock would move calmly was by placing them on the ground and offering a police escort.

And this appeared to work a treat, like water off a duck’s back, as the 11 ducklings followed their mother in single-file down the road but at one point the N10 had to be crossed.

The road was therefore temporary blocked to traffic while the family waddled across.

Eventually the ducks reached the river and happily swam away, with no harm done.