Luxembourg’s Finnish Community to Celebrate 100 Years of Independence

On Wednesday 6 December 2017, Finland will be celebrating 100 years of independence; in Luxembourg, the Finnish community will gather on the Place Clairefontaine at 18:00.

Around 150-200 people are expected to attend the event which is open to both Finnish people and friends in Luxembourg; ; organised by the Finnish-Luxembourg Society a.s.b.l with the support of the Finnish Embassy of Brussels.

The tradition in Finland is to light up two candles on your window sill at 18:00 on the national day. This tradition is eing brought to the heart of Luxembourg city and the Place Clairefontaine will be lit up with candles.


17:45 Arriving at the square, lighting candles

18:00 The event begins: Congratulations to Finland

18:10 Finlandia hymn, Anniina Reinholdtsen

18:20 “Maamme” (“Our Land”), the national anthem of Finland

The event is part of the Suomi Finland 100 programme.

After-party – Jatkot at Tattie’s (6 Grand Rue) – Finnish food and drinks – Suomalaista ruokaa ja juomaa