17th September 2021

39th annual report on EU trade defence activities: Measures against unfair trade practices remained effective in 2020

The system of protecting EU businesses against dumped and subsidized imports continued to function well in 2020 thanks to the strong and innovative means at the EU’s disposal to use trade defense instruments, despite the practical difficulties posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. At the end of 2020, the EU had 150 [...]


17th September 2021

Uni hopes to return to 100% face-to-face teaching in 4 months

This Thursday, 900 students arrived in Belval for the University of Luxembourg’s Welcome Day. On Monday, [...]


15th September 2021

Sam Tanson: I take this extremely seriously

Justice minister Sam Tanson (Déi Gréng) is overseeing a raft of reforms aimed at bringing Luxembourg’s justice system up to speed amid criticism that it’s not doing enough to combat [...]

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