22nd March 2022

Columna capital invested 120 million in claims management services

Columna Capital, an investment company founded in 2009 that targets small and medium-sized European companies with growth potential, has invested over 120 million euros in the capital of MSA Multi Serass, a leading global service provider in Italy in the provision of Business Process outsourcing services in the [...]


17th February 2022

EU court finds no reason for Hungarian and Polish lawsuits

The European Union may definitively adjust subsidies for member states if there is an erosion of the rule of [...]


1st January 2022

Those are the hot new restaurants lining up to open in Luxembourg this year

From new brands to those already well established in the country, the year 2022 promises numerous restaurant [...]


22nd March 2022

Asselborn goes amok over Russia’s war

The statements made by Lussemburgo Coming out in the past few hours, interviewed by the microphones of Radio 100.7, he explained that in his view, the only way to end the war in Ukraine would be to kill the Russian President, Vladimir Putin. The head of Luxembourg’s diplomacy, the first to publicly address such [...]